While traditional air freshener cover up odour,

Poo Lunla actually stops it at source.


In fact, many products were made to blind your nose from particular smell while unwanted odour is still there. However, pooping business is somehow more difficult to blind. Most end up with even worst smelling when combine with No.2 odour. We respect the fact and formulate something that actually work.


Petroleum-based in air freshener 

Most of air fresheners are in aerosol can that powered by dirty petroleum chemical propellant mixed in the formula. Traditionally, petroleum-based content in aerosol spray can be as high as 30%-85%. Basically, it can actually make  air quality worst.


We avoid petroleum-based at all cost 

We confess. We feel uncomfortable inhaling dirty chemical. We like natural products, but we hardly find a good one especially for bathroom. So we invent this naturally. If you care about this as we do, welcome to the club.

It lasts longer than many in the market 

On average, a can of air freshener will last up to 2 weeks to 1 month upon daily usage. However, a bottle of Poo Lunla can be use up to 3 months if you poo once a day (1 bottle = 100 toilet flushes).


Change your bathroom experience


Simply sprays 3 times before you do business. Our natural compound acts as barrier blocking odour from coming up while defusing pleasant  aroma of natural plants just feel like you are in the middle of garden of flowers.


That’s easy! Now you can relax and rest assure. Your dirtiest time of day can be the happiest moment. With Poo Lunla you can actually own a throne.

Getting started taking care of pooping business