A: Absolutely! That is what our formula is made for no matter how bad the smell is. If you try and does not meet your satisfactory. Simply send it back for a full refund!

A: Our Poo Lunla team has done tons of experiments and found that 3 times is the optimal range to be effective. However, you may spray more depends on your personal preference of scent strength. There is no impact for your health concern.

A: For better result, Poo Lunla intends to be sprayed before you do business. Our formula create a shield on water surface that no odour can be escape to the air. Like the old saying “better safe than sorry”

A: That is a very kind of you and your friendship. There is nothing to worry. Your little cutie bowl will be safe with us. Our proprietary Poo Lunla is made of natural essential oil and natural ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals that you are worrying.

A: Sure! When your astronaut drops and passing through our protective shield, it will be covered to prevent bad odor too.

A: Thanks to the neutralizing property of Poo Lunla. There is no need to worry. If you feel unsafe we suggest to spray small amount of Poo Lunla to the air if you happen to fart while doing business. Happy Farting!

A: Aerosol air freshener which dispenses aerosol mist to give smell instantly. It is safe if used as directed. For example, it does not intend to be inhale immediately, and must be used in very well volatile room (window opened). Poo Lunla used natural sprayer, so there is no propellant chemical to make pressure, and we do not use phthalates and formaldehyde releaser in our products. A simple spray on water surface to create protective odor shield, and slowly diffuses scent. Your beloved dxxx is safe and sound, and is good for your nose and others behind.

A: The good thing of multiple flushes in the middle of process is that stool does not have much time to emit stench. It might reduces some amount of odor, but in fact it is not considerably good as water spinning while flushing is actually increase dispersing bacteria and odour into the air. So there will still be some odor with more bacteria. Moreover, what would others think when they hear you flushes that often and it usually takes 8-12L each flush. That means you waste approximately 24-36L for 3 flushes!

A: Lighting a match is not actually eliminated foul odor, but only cover up the smell. When you light a match, smell of sulfur will spread quickly and our nose is sensitive to its smell. So basically you just tend to smell more sulfur than that of the foul while nasty odor is still there. Furthermore, the smell of sulfur is not very present to you and others. If you love yourself and care the person after you Poo Lunla is a much better way to go.